The Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) is a state-funded grant program to help downtown areas become livable, walkable, and dynamic communities.


On November 5, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that Schenectady was this year’s Capital Region DRI winner. The Electric City will be awarded $10 million to build on the positive momentum and further our economic development efforts.

Schenectady put in a great application. You took your waterfront, which is always the starting point and a major asset for any downtown that has it, you had the waterfront revitalization going on. Connect that with the other revitalized areas with the Proctors block… and the development that’s working here, lower State Street, you have the Mohawk Harbor Development. Connect those pieces. Connect that energy. And that’s just what your downtown application did.


– Governor Cuomo

To read the Governor’s remarks and view photos of the announcement, click here

We are always looking for good ideas and community voices to participate in our economic development efforts. Please take a moment to share your ideas with us for Schenectady DRI  and the future of our downtown.


Together, we will continue to improve Schenectady.


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